Effebi was founded by Claudio Bortolozzo and Piero Fornasier in 1987 in Lessona, a town very close to Biella, the wool town par excellence, the only reality to be comparable with Prato as far as the textile industry is concerned.

The Company deals with the assembly and maintenance of textile machinery, while later it broadens its competence to the trade and sale of used and new textile machinery, concentrating on the National Market and establishing a trustful relationship with several Italian Companies, making available the competence and the experience in the field. Years later, thanks to Giulia and Marco, sons of the owners, the reference market expands abroad, beyond the borders of Europe, Overseas and to the East.

Effebi has spread with resolution, keeping a reactivity and dynamism typical of an expanding Company, always offering the best used and new textile machinery, fulfilling the requirements of customers and creating strong and trustful relationships with several companies. The participation to the exhibitions of the field such as Expotextile in Peru, Exintex in Mexico and in Gaziantep in Turkey confirms the importance of Effebi all over the world.

EffeBi follows every step of the trade process of the used and new textile machinery:

  • purchase
  • picking up
  • restoration
  • promotion
  • selling
  • delivery and installation
  • training course
  • after sales assistance

Moreover Effebi adapts the used textile machinery to the kind of fibre that you need to process, it offers direct technical assistance during the time agreed before the selling; if possible through a phone call or directly in the assisted Company. The replacement service is very interesting, considering the wide set of multi brand products with which the Company deals and it offers the possibility to have a reference point even after the step of selling the textile machinery.

The sales office is always available for all who need information about the purchase of textile machineries. Our team follows the customer carefully in order to understand his needs, helping him to choose the perfect textile machinery. Once the process of purchase has been closed the technical Department of Effebi, composed of qualified and well-experienced technicians, will be available for assisting the customer during the installation and the first start of the new product.

The relationship of Effebi with his customers is not only important during the selling process but the support we offer to the buyers is related to every step of the textile machinery And we are always oriented to give information and propose new products according to the customer needs.

"To favour the human relationship with customers and thoroughly understand his needs has always been one of our strong points which have always been part of us during our changes and expansion"